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Use and Care

Use and Care of Wood Pulp Bannetons

Wood pulp bannetons are strong and durable, making them a preference in Europe for over 100 years. With the right use and care, they will last a lifetime.

Before Use: Dust the banneton with flour, especially with new bannetons. You can take your fingers and work the flour into the inside of the banneton to ensure it is nice and floured. This will help with dough release. The more you use your banneton, the easier it will release your dough. Even very high hydration doughs will easily release from these bannetons.

After Use:  Allow the bannetons to dry completely before storing. You can leave them on your counter overnight or simply put them in a warm oven (200 degrees Fahrenheit or lower) for 45 minutes or until dry. Any loose flour can be knocked out prior to storing.

Additional Notes:

Never put them in the oven when baking your bread. It's possible that they will catch fire when getting too hot.

Don't stack wet bannetons. Dry them out completely before storing. 

Don't clean these with water or any cleaning solution.